Ché Dyer Index of Yoga Poses SKU: 135577

A selection of poses with detailed description and photographs of entry and exit indexed according to section within the Vinyasa Flow structure. Each pose is further categorised according to the area of the body it best targets so that you can create your own targeted body flows.


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This 116 page index of poses features 129 different yoga poses with step by step photos and detailed descriptions of entry and exit. Many of the poses feature modifcations that you can use to support your own body or ways in which you can potentially extend the poses to move deeper. Some poses show detailed common errors that occur with alignment and ways in which you can correct it. The poses are sectioned into Warm-Up/Centring poses, Sun Salutation Poses (and poses that sequence well into Sun Salutations), Standing Poses, Seated Poses and Finishing Poses. The poses are then further categorised based on the following areas: legs, arms, core, hip openers, heart openers, forward folds and restorative poses - so that you can select poses you wish you practice based on the area you need most.